Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship

We depend on partnerships and donations from our Corporate Sponsorship within the community. It allows area corporations to participate in the Latino Scholarship Fund, Inc. work to make higher education more accessible to the areas growing Latino student population.  Corporations are invited to provide general scholarship assistance or designate scholarships for students pursuing a career in a field designated by the corporate sponsor.


Corporate Sponsorship Gala Table levels:

Platinum Corporate Table: $7,500.00+ 

Gold Corporate Table: $5,000.00 

Silver Corporate Table: $2,500.00 

Bronze Corporate Table: $1300.00

Green Tables: $1000.00

Corporate Sponsorship Scholarship start at a minimum $1,500.00. This allows an individual or company to have a scholarship names after them and have the opportunity to present at the Annual Awards Ceremony. 


Corporations submit criteria for their particular scholarship to the Latino Scholarship Fund, Inc. The Latino Scholarship Fund, Inc’s Selection Committee is then tasked with the selection of applicants based upon the criteria submitted. Corporate scholarships are solicited at the $1,500.00 or more.  Corporations may sponsor an annual competitive award or may elect to support initial awards for multiple years.


Benefits to the Latino Scholarship Fund

  • Allows the Latino Scholarship Fund to provide more scholarship opportunities to students wishing to pursue higher education;

  • Encourage students to pursue academic areas consistent with industry needs;

  • Provides Corporations a positive association with a respected and proven community based organization;

  • Increases Latino representation in higher education and provides for the current and future needs of a diverse workforce and population.


Benefits to Students and Parents

  • Reduces financing as an obstacle to higher education;

  • Provides student awareness of career opportunities and workforce requirements; and

  • Provides positive role models

Gala Level Sponsors

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Latino Scholarship Fund Inc. P. O. Box 3355 Danbury CT 06813

Please Note: Volunteering, Donating and General Participation in the Latino Scholarship Fund, Inc. does not increase chances for scholarship awards. All awards are based on the application process and Selection Committee's evaluation of each candidate.